Sex With Strangers

Female, 18, bisexual from the UK! Horny pretty much 24/7! Always up for a bit of dirty talk, ask me anything don't be scared! love rough sex so if anyone's up for it! (;


Gang rape: 4 out of 5 people agree it’s a good time!

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I want my fingers deep inside your tight pussy. I want you to feel them moving in and out, filling you, making you wetter and wetter

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use her and abuse her in a oral gangbang

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It’s a milestone in the making of a slut. The first time she’s blindfolded and used by unknown men.

Ever after, any man she meets might have had her. She doesn’t know.

Anonymous asked: can we see a picture of yourself?


I only have this pic at the moment, will hopefully get some better ones soon, and maybe evensong videos (;

tenfrente asked: Where you from in the UK? :) x



Anonymous asked: Your blog made me really hard, thing is i dont want anything to take care of that but your mouth.. For a starter..


My mouth is all yours baby

masturman asked: Do you like your nipples sucked? Your big tits squeezed and slapped then having your nips bit before a hard dick slides between your boobs as he grabs them and holds tight? Do you have kik btw?


I love all of that baby! Yeah I do but my phones broken atm so can’t use it